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Why Rent?

Saves You Money & Space

It’s an all too familiar story, as the seasons change so does style. Of course, who doesn’t feel a little guilty putting yet ANOTHER perfectly good pillow cover away in the closet, and who can store all of those bulky inserts? Drumroll please…we have the perfect solution! Renting throw pillows is a convenient and cost-effective way to shop. Renting allows you to refresh and update your home on a consistent basis without taking up valuable storage space.


Renting and reusing is better for the planet – It’s just that simple. Join our community in helping to reduce our environmental footprint. From our products, our packaging, to our dry cleaning process – we are dedicated to becoming a sustainable company.

Access to Designer Brands

Love designer brands but your bank account doesn’t? Renting lets you have access to luxury brands without the designer price tags. 

Endless Styling

As seasons change, so does your style. With endless pillow combos, you have the flexibility to try new designs! Be bolder, try out new colors and patterns,, and explore new styles without the commitment.

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