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Welcome to the Pillow Addict

Welcome to the Pillow Addict

At the heart of the Pillow Addict, the first pillow subscription service dedicated to bringing you designer style without the commitment. Allowing you to explore colors patterns and new ideas without the stress of big price tags and commitment phobia. We’re here to take the stress out of styling your home by creating beautiful pillow combinations that look put together – rather than thrown together. We’re your solution to endless styling, with no purchase necessary. 


How it works:

DESIGN – Follow our step by step pillow styling process and be your own designer exploring style, colors, and patterns that work perfect for you.

RENT – Choose your rental plan with flexibility, we always make the choice yours. Pick one (or more) of our designer luxury throws to rent for the season. 

ENJOY – Let the fun begin – unbox your order, fluff your pillows and style away.  (Don’t forget to tag us @pillow.addict

REPEAT – When the new collection launches, swap your old pillows for new ones and enjoy the process all over again!

We get it…buying new pillows every season can be tempting. Why wouldn’t you want a new festive throw to tie your room together? We’re here to give you the best of both worlds. No more buying low quality pillows every season. No more endlessly searching for the right piece to finish off your look. Enjoy the comfort of luxury designer pillows at retail prices. 

This is where your search ends. Welcome to the Pillow Addict.

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